Odin vs zeus

Zeus and odin were respective rulers over the gods in their mythologies zeus was known for upholding the law and social order in fact, one of his titles was zeus horkios which literally means the guarantor of oaths. At their core they're essentially the same being however, of their key differences, the odin force is far far far greater in scope and power than zeus' thunderbolts. It all boils down to mythology zeus vs marvel odin - mythology zeus is stronger than hades and poseidon [citation required], and poseidon can destroy the whole universe if he doesn't keep his attacks in line.

odin vs zeus In conclusion, zeus would absolutely stomp odin, as zeus is both immortal and made of lightning although in my humble opinion, odin is much much cooler.

Which god would win in a fight thor vs odin vs loki allah vs shiva vs vishnu vs zeus vs satan vs mohammad vs hades vs anubis vs jahova god vs quetzecoatl vs buddah vs brahman vs osiris vs cthulu vs baal who would win out of this fight. Zeus is a god of near limitless powers rivaling his asgardian peer odin zeus possesses the conventional superhuman attributes of an olympian god however, as skyfather of the olympian gods, many . Who would win a fight, beerus vs zeus and odin who would win, jesus vs odin ask new question who would win in a fight between zeus and indrajith.

Ra vs odin vs zeus is the 16th instalment of epic rap battles of it features the thunder god, odin, against another thunder god,zeus, against egyptian sun god, ra metalfireva as ra. Comparing odin and zeus leave a reply the more research that i have done into the subject of comparing greek and norse mythology, the more i find that for every difference there are just as many similarities. Odin is the leader of the gods in norse mythology and typically described as a seeker of knowledge, while zeus is the rulers of the gods in greek mythology and possesses the power to control weather zeus wields bolts of thunder and lightning in battle odin's famous weapon is a powerful spear named .

Zeus and odin are two gods from different cultures who share many similarities as well as differences the norse god odin was the main viking god he’s also the god . Zeus vs odin zeus and odin are gods in ancient mythology they were both powerful and supreme in their respective kingdoms one may say zeus and odin must have done something during their reign since we still talk about them today, let us see what are those. Aside from being the ruler of his pantheon, what seperates him from zeus and odin is that he is a protogenos (he emerged from chaos so he can be classified as such) because of this, he's more powerful than zeus and odin. Zeus-god of the sky vsposeidon-god of the sea dominican college anthony mauriello thousands of years ago many people believed in zeus, the greek god of the sky.

Odin vs zeus

It all depends on the way thor acts if thor brawls with herc, who im assuming is immortal in this fight, then thor will lose, and herc and zeus will gang up on odin. Zeus threw his lightning bolt towards odin at an incredible speed, but odin reflected it the bolt flew off to the side, and exploded with electric energy zeus was impressed, but a bit worried. Rumble 11567 odin and zeus (marvel) vs darkseid and thanos - posted in cbub unrated rumbles: in the beginning stages of asgard, a furious battle between the asgardians and the olympians took place. Odin vs zeus death battle its the battle of the skyfathersthis is one of the closest and greatest battles of all timeits the battle of the skyfatherskin.

Zeus vs thor/rap meanings zeus vs thor view source history comments (119) share (continuing from the line above, zeus says that when odin meets him, he will . (top) thor: without hesitation, zeus hurls a lightning bolt towards odin with such force, the air pressure around it cracks the ground below hercules: this isn't odin's first fight, and quickly manipulates the ground below him to lift him high into the air. Zeus secretly met with odin, ruler of the asgardians, and the two gods not only put an end to the war, but also formed an alliance to defend earth from danger posed by the alien celestials.

As a result, the king of the gods makes sure that all deities function properly, punish them for misdeeds, grant or take away immortality from lesser gods etc ex: zeus, odin divine rival : in some cases, there may be another god, who is equal in supernatural power and thinks he can do a better job than the current king. Odin (marvel comics) vs zeus (greek king of the gods). Zeus vs odin by: justin liu in every world, there is a god, for every god there is a king, without a leader there is chaos, and for every king comes different cultures.

odin vs zeus In conclusion, zeus would absolutely stomp odin, as zeus is both immortal and made of lightning although in my humble opinion, odin is much much cooler. odin vs zeus In conclusion, zeus would absolutely stomp odin, as zeus is both immortal and made of lightning although in my humble opinion, odin is much much cooler.
Odin vs zeus
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